While Supplies Last is a reoccurring group art show located in Seattle, Washington. This event features and showcases original small works on paper by over 300 young, emerging, and already established artists (local, continental and international). I have derived so much pleasure from starting my own collection of art as a young Artist, and building a community that respects and contributes to the art world. The mission behind what I curate is to induce fun and excitement while creating opportunities for young people to start their own collections of amazing art works. These functions allow Artists, collectors, gallery owners, patrons, and everyone in between to mingle and mix, while also giving opportunity for artistic exposure. While Supplies Last allows new Artists finding their footing to exchange, interact, and benefit from an artistic environment to share their work alongside those who have credible and extensive resumes and lots of experience, while also being a part of this new format of showing artwork.

A show like this is to get Artist’s together, in a space that is alive, conversational, fast paced and ultimately fun, allowing for the excitement of starting an art collection at an affordable price. All works are priced at $30 a piece (first come first served), and only sold during this event. This allows people to buy works from their favorite young, beginning, and already established Artists for one night only, at an affordable price with easy accessibility. I will never be able to explain in words how important it is to keep the Artist community alive, accessible, safe and supported. Community building is a top priority for WSL while also giving exposure and opportunities to Artists that truly deserve it. The contributions and participation is always recognized and highly appreciated. Keep up with the While Supplies Last instagram @wsl_art to see who is contributing to the show, and to also stay on top of the newly added talent! Come out and support artists for one night only! Bring your friends and share this event. We will be there, While Supplies Last. The 6th iteration of WSL is TBA. Stay Tuned.