Ultra Light Beams celebrates the ingenuity behind 12 artists’ creative practices, highlighting their vibrant palettes and digital gestures made by hand that mimic technological, and algorithmic systems. It will present paintings of varying size and medium, and an interactive installation by Kansas City Artist, Bobby Haulotte. This vibrant show will speak about a day-glo painting style and its relation to post-analog rhythms and aesthetics in the age of the internet. Emphasizing futuristic feelings, with a sophisticated sense these artists talk about what we see - balancing both simplification (not aiming towards traditional realism) and exemplification (acknowledging reality through their palettes, as if feeling through color). Ultra Light Beams is a collection of works from all over the world, hand picked and curated by Anthony White at Mount Analogue Gallery, Seattle. Please join us in experiencing these artists’ incredible sensibility to translate alternate expressions and depictions, redefining color, gesture and observation.

Participating Artists:

Bobby Haulotte, Brandon Lipchik, Super Future Kid, Terry Hoff, Rachael Tarravechia, Nicholas Depass,

Danny Sobor, Kat Richards, Trey Abdella, Philip Geraldo, César Piette, Brian Sanchez

Opening Reception: February 7, 2019 6-9pm
GALLERY HOURS: Feb. 8, 9, 15, 16, & 23 12noon-4pm
WHILE SUPPLES LAST: Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 5-9pm
Closing Reception: February 26, 2019 7-9pm

To acquire a preview catalogue, please email.